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Dr. Anton J. Bilchik is a leader in cancer research, pioneering techniques to improve outcomes for patients and serving as investigator for international clinical trials. When not engaged in research or life-saving surgeries, Dr. Bilchik spends his time supporting cancer research and helping the underserved through various groups and outreach programs.

Dr. Anton J. Bilchik

Lifesaving Cancer Research

The fight against cancer goes on, and you can find Dr. Bilchik leading from the front lines with projects aiming to deliver better care, faster, for those who need it. Research, gaining understanding of why cancer attacks and how it impacts our bodies, is key to winning the fight, and few have contributed as much in this area as Dr. Anton Bilchik. Highlights of cancer research he has been directly involved with or supervised include:


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Colon Cancer Prevention


CORI Participation


Community Outreach & Education

We know it’s easier to handle cancers when they are detected early on through regular medical screenings and self-examinations, but we’re also learning a great number of cancer cases can be prevented by changes in lifestyle and nutrition. By helping to educate communities, Dr. Anton Bilchik and his peers at the CORI Group are working to fight cancer from all sides. Their recent work with community outreach and education includes:

  • Redefining staging systems in cancer to improve the selection of patients for different therapies.
  • Evaluating the impact of age on adherence to quality measures in cancer care.
  • Examining whether community hospitals are meeting the same standards as academic hospitals for the multimodal management of cancer.
  • Establishing evidence-based guidelines for precision risk stratification in cancer.

Cancer Care

Colon Cancer

  • Performing international multicenter trials to individualize cancer care in colon cancer.
  • Establishing an immunoprofile for the prognostic assessment of colon cancer.
  • Studying sex-specific differences in colon cancer.
    Identify an important relationship in patients with colon cancer between the bacteria in the body and the immune system.
  • Evaluating whether surgical quality improves staging accuracy in gastric cancer. 
  • Determining whether race influences stage-specific survival in gastric cancer.

Gastric Cancer

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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